Picking a toilet paper

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What toilet paper should I use?

Spoiled by the plethora of choices in toilet paper? Don’t worry. You can narrow down what is right for you.

You can narrow down your toilet paper choices based on 5 factors.

Strength and Durability

There is nothing more annoying than finger poking through the pile of toilet papers amidst the process. Some sheets are better than others and it is not always determined based on the number of plies alone. You need to look into the fine print for GSM and other percentages to understand more about it.

2 Ply paper is where you should start. But some low quality 2 Ply is lesser in strength than the 1Ply. Understand the types of toilet papers before choosing is very important



Comfort usually refers to the texture of the toilet tissue– the feel of it to touch and the absorbability. The need for comfort is where luxury toilet papers come in. They tend to offer the best toilet paper experience by offering scented, printed, quilted tissues.

The material composition needs to be watched. The higher the polymer, the lower the absorption leading to ineffective use of toilet tissue.

Some people might require hypoallergic toilet paper (aloe vera flavoured) for sensitive skins and to prevent rashes.



Prices shouldn’t be either of the extremes. Toilet paper is something you use all day- consume forever. So you don’t want that to inflate the budget.

Don’t be swayed by the discounts and offers. Not all discounted products offer great value and not all discounted products are bad. Do your research on whatever huge and tempting the discounts are.

Consider the quantity and ply to the factor. Only the “price per use” matters as it might vary a bit based on the ply and thickness.


Environmental Viability

The toilet paper industry is an ever-growing industry that depends on wood pulp as a major source. With growing needs comes the demand for more trees. But the forest dependency can be reduced by opting for controlled sources and recycled wood sources.

Bleaching is another big environmental issue that tissue papers have to go through to achieve the pleasing white colour we see. Brown/un-bleached toilet tissue is an alternative that isn’t bleached at all. You can also find some alternatives in white that uses other bleaching agents like Hydrogen Peroxide.

You can also rely on certifications like FSC and PEFC to understand the toilet paper’s environmental impact.


Toilet and Flush Suitability

Once everything is done, the paper ends in a toilet waiting to be flushed. And that, flush and the septic system must be able to handle the sheets of toilet paper you are sending down the drain.


The best way to get started is by getting one pack of your choice and see if it ticks all your boxes. Also, make sure to have a rough requirement of your house’s monthly toilet paper needs.


How much toilet paper do you need?

An average person requires around 57 sheets per day which would account for a single roll of toilet tissue lasting 5 days.

But your mileage could vary largely based on your frequency of toilet usage, members in the household and the type of toilet tissue you use. Read our elaborate article on how much toilet paper you need.


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