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Ben Burgs


“By far the best free and user friendly schedule to use. The ability to view the project on a large scale is perfect and makes the process seamless for explaining to the wife. The kids even like following the different colours and seeing what will happen in the next week. Demolition, Excavation, Concrete and Framing being the most exciting for them (and me!).”



“I just caught your construction scheduling video on YouTube. I thought it was very informative, thanks for the copy of the excel spreadsheet. I am going to be remodeling my kitchen and want to give it a shot.”


Perth Australia

“James, I stumbled across your site tonight while researching an ensuite reno I\’m about to undertake over here in Perth WA. Fantastic site and well done. I read your blog on project scheduling and that’s why I wanted to try your schedule. A great way to stay organized, well done!”

Aaron Thoo

Sydney Australia

“Hi James!

My name’s Aaron Thoo and I’m a current Civil Engineering student at UTS.

In an attempt to gain more construction knowledge online I’ve stumbled across your YouTube channel and website, have spent the past 4 hours watching your videos and reading your blogs!

Thanks for all the awesome information that you’ve given! As an engineering student, basic construction knowledge is something that is almost completely missed and your information has really helped to fill in the gaps of my education!

Many thanks for the free copy of your construction schedule template. I currently have an assignment where I need to schedule the construction of a new home and your template looks like the perfect method of doing that in a quick, clean manner.

Once again, thanks for all the info and keep up the good work!”


Saudi Arabia

“Thanks for the schedule, I work for the department of roads in Saudi Arabia and the basic layout was useful for a visual overview of my project.”