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How Do I Find The Best Building Contractors?

There are many ways to find good quality building contractors such as by word of mouth referrals (i.e. family, friends, workmates etc.), local papers, Googling online, and much more.

But the way I suggest you do it (especially if you’re new to it all) is to use a trusted online service such as the ones listed below.


Keeping Track of Building Contractors Details

Before you do that, the first step is to create or use a template to capture all of the contractors contact details in one location. Having everyone’s information in one place will make it easier to find when you need to call or email them.

I’ve created a free Master Contractors template for you (the same one I’ve used in my building business) which you can download here.

Now onto the big question of how to find a contractor, I recommend you try these services below:


Here is a video demonstrating how to use these online services as well as running you through the Master Contractors template.



Signing Contracts: What’s The Process?

So when do you need to be talking with building contractors and obtaining quotations?

I’d suggest a minimum of two months before you plan on starting, or more if you can manage it.

Most good contractors will have at least a few months’ worth of work in front of them, and it will generally take a few weeks before they come back to you with a quotation.



1. Try and obtain 3 quotes so that you can compare your contractors on price but also on responsiveness.

2. During the quotation stages if they are hard to contact, don’t return calls and take a lot of chasing up for the quote – then I would be wary of using them as it’s probably how they will conduct themselves during your renovation.

3. Don’t be afraid to chase them up during the quoting stage. Sometimes a few extra reminders that you’re waiting on their price will keep you at the forefront of their mind.

4. Remember – most building contractors are generally on the tools during the day and do their quoting either at nights or on the weekends. The old phrase, “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”, so don’t be afraid to follow up with them – but two reminders in my books is enough! After that, look elsewhere as they are probably not interested enough in the project.


Building Contractors quotations



Once you have decided on a contractor and are happy with their price it’s time get an agreement down on paper.

Depending on what state or country you live in every governing authority will have different rules and regulations about what type of work licensed building contractors can carry out, and the dollar value associated with it.

Below I go through the process exactly the way I would given that I live in the state of NSW in Australia.

Over $5,000 AUD

Any work conducted over the value of $5,000 should have a small works contract in place.

These basically show the agreed price of the work, the building contractors details such as licences and insurances, the owner’s details and a place where both parties can sign off on the document.

This form can be downloaded here.

Under $5,000 AUD

If the works are under the value of $5,000 I still advise to have some sort of agreement in writing.

This should include: the price, building contractors details, anticipated start and completion dates, and any other terms and conditions you might like included such as building contractor is responsible for cleaning up their own rubbish, who will be supplying materials, will there be any damages occurred if the project is not completed in time (i.e. $100 off their price every day they are over the agreed finish date) etc, etc.

You’re welcome to download the Work Order Document that I use for yourself. Please Note: this document is not classed as legal advice, and I suggest you seek your own before entering into any agreements you may be unsure of.


Building Contractors tilers


Top 8 Building Contractors to Hire For Bathroom Renovations

Below is a quick list of which contractors (aka ‘tradies’ if you live in Australia J) you’ll need for each part of the bathroom renovation process.


Will help you do everything from start to finish but they tend to be on the expensive side as they literally manage the whole process. If you don’t mind running around and doing some of the work yourself then you can quickly save a fair chunk of money.

But if you’d rather not get your hands dirty and have the cash to burn, then hiring a builder is your best bet, as they’ll manage everything for you.


Helps you design the plans and layout for your bathroom, and to make sure everything fits into the space you have.


Helps build the cabinets and storage space in the bathroom, making it look as professional as possible.


Handles everything from the lighting and power to heating and ventilation.


Helps you get the place looking wonderful when you are finished with the building and design work.


Handles anything that involves water, making sure that bathroom fixtures, bath, shower and toilet are all working and flowing smoothly.


A vital part of the process. They help you make sure that everything from drain management to overall quality of design is just right.


Makes sure that the place stays nice and dry after you go for a shower, for example.


Ok so we’ve covered how to find building contractors, the quotations process, signing contracts, and also the type of contractors you’ll need to hire for your bathroom renovation. The next part of Stage 3: Pre Construction Stage is where we discuss setting up a construction schedule template (or project planner).


To recap, the 5 Stage Renovation Process will guide you through the exact steps I use as a professional builder when working on home improvement projects.

If you have any questions let me know – I’m always happy to help!

Enjoy your renovation.

All the best,

James Mason

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