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Home design apps: Design your own home within an app

Mobile apps do everything. So why not design your home with an app? Floor plan, interior design, augmented reality – name anything and apps can do it with ease.

Mobile or PC, there are a lot of apps to start with. We know you might have not given it a thought that apps could help you design and visualize the home. It makes the whole process easy and doable from your handheld device.

Don’t worry about the hardware specs, the apps we mention are not resource-heavy. Most modern phones can support all of the apps listed below.

We even got some advanced apps for PC for those in the motive to make perfect house plans like an architect.

So here we go,


Home design app for mobile

Measured (by Lowe’s)

Did you forget to bring the measuring tape to the client location? Or finding it difficult to stretch the tape all alone? Well, no problem. Just download the Measured app. It measures the distance between two points through your camera.

There are a lot of apps of this kind for Android and iOS. But Measured is only available on iOS as of now. Check out Measure by google if you are on Android.

A simple yet effective tool to get the measurement across the room, the house and even across the street.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store


Magic plan

Can you imagine that an app can make a floor plan on its own by just showing it around the house? It does feel like magic when Magic Plan does it. unlike most other similar apps. This really works and works without hiccups or errors.

The features don’t end there. You can do a lot more. Throw in furniture, décor and render walkthrough in 3D. You can even build and task and material list along with the pricing. Which means the initial part of the renovation plan and estimation for your customer is going to be ready within no time.

This house design app can be a very handy tool to convert what you see into a floor plan with just a few taps. It is primarily designed targeting realtors, and people in the construction business. But the app is really simple for anyone to use a floor plan which is why we recommend it for anyone putting up a floor plan for their home renovation.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store



iHandy Carpenter

Not really an app to design your house but a tool very useful in executing the house design. By the name, it is a handy carpenter’s tool.

Plumb bob, Surface Level, Steel Protractor, Steel ruler – are the main features you will find in the app. Place it vertical, horizontal or flat, this tool works very well.

The use case is endless. You can use it to check for alignment or angle when you hand a photo. Comes for a one-time payment of $2. YOu can also get the free version in the name of iHandy Level Free with limited functionalities.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store
iHandy Level Free: Google Playstore Apple App Store



Wondering why a furniture retailer got a place in the list of house designing apps. They are not just any furniture seller. IKEA is a leading furniture designer, manufacturer and retailer in the world. The reason to have scored a place on the list because it has a feature that shows the furniture right on your floor.

Using augmented reality, you can make appear any of their furniture in your home. That way you will know if it goes well with your interiors and spacing. You will be able to try all of the furniture that they sell for free.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store


house paint colour picker
PC: Snowing from

Color Capture

Have you ever struggled to replicate the wall colours of your friends are the cool blue of the sky? Don’t worry Benjamin Moore has got a solution.

Start by snapping a picture of the wall or object you like the colour and the color capture will come up with the best matching paint options. With over 3,300 interior and exterior colour options from the brand you are most likely to get the colour you want.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store



The go-to app to find the best designer to suit your needs. There are costly designers and then there are ones who charge less. But that is not the only way to filter home designers. You might be looking for a different style in a designer.

Havenly’s AI quiz puts you in the right direction to collaborate with the designers. You have the option to choose and work with anyone. They are not just that. They also have a lot of resources to work together in designing your home within the app. You will have to spend a little to get good results.

Download link:  Apple App Store



It is the best of all worlds when it comes to home design apps in my opinion. You get home design ideas like Pinterest but more refined and the best only. You get 3d augmentation in the form of ‘My room’ to add furniture and decors to your space. That’s not all. The app has products with customer reviews and professionals listed for hire.

The feature pack app also has DIY tutorials, articles and the list goes on. If you are about to get into renovation you might wanna check this out as a one-stop solution for home design and professionals sourcing. With a total of 16 million design ideas and over 10 million reviews, it is also one of the house design apps with the highest user base. No wonder it won the best App award in Google app store.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store


Home Design 3D

A proper designing tool that can get real work done. You can do a floor plan, 2D design with furniture and décor and 3d walkthrough. This house design app is common among professionals for this purpose. Being able to do it on a mobile or iPad is the biggest wonder that has made it popular.

Homeowners can use Home design 3D to build and visualize a home of their own liking instead of going back and for to the designer.  You can try out homes of all type, colour the walls with the color of your choice and furniture from the catalogue to visualize your dream house.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store


Planner 5D

It is more or less same as Home design 3D app except it is more advanced. 2D plan, 3D plan walkthrough and a lot more to deal professionally with your clients.

It is also user friendly and is very ideal when you use it on an iPad. App has a few glitches that you have to put up with.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store



Another augmented reality app to work on interior design with a lot of real-life furniture and décor. So what’s special about this app?

You have an inbuilt community of active interior design professionals and enthusiasts whom you can share with and get ideas for your home design.

Download link:  Apple App Store

mobile app for interior design

Design Home

It is a game app. Yes, a home design game. Like the cake game we used to play decade back, this app will give you a brief of what the design must be.

It is in your discretion to use the available floor mat, furniture and other decors to design the room like expected. Though sounds simple, it is one of the addictive games that you won’t stop playing. Especially professional interior designers.

Novices too can play it to get an idea of what will work together before buying for your home.

Download link: Google Playstore  Apple App Store


Home design software for PC

If you feel claustrophobic with mobiles or your mobile is too old to keep with all the home designing apps, here are some of the apps for PC.


Though not designed specifically for home design, the app is capable of it. The capabilities go beyond and further. You can draw floor plans, edit and export complex images. You can also do flowcharts, project charts and most other business visuals. The example of how effective Smart Draw is, Elon Musk uses it.

The software is currently available for windows and web only. Plus, only the first-week trial is free.

Download link: Windows    Web


My virtual home

A comprehensive home design software for all 2d and 3d design needs. Like mobile apps, you have real-life furniture, adjust them to your design and 3d render it for your viewing.

The app is available in Windows and costs a high as it is prosumer grade software.

Download link: Windows



A professional, high-end home design software for every platform that most of the architect and design professionals use. The renders are true to life and the plan is very much customizable.

You can use the app in Mac OS, Windows and web. You even get a free version with limited features.

Download link: Web   Mac/windows
Signing off:

Converting the dream home from your mind to digital output for others to see is no more a chore. With these apps, you can achieve it within no time. Plus, you can do a lot more using augmented reality.

No more hiccups in your owner builder project or renovation project. Do your own house renovation planning and be a master at it.


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