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3 ways you can save money by Upgrading the bathroom

Without a doubt, the bathroom upgrade is often the first place many homeowners start when tackling a remodeling project. Unfortunately, the cost of bathroom remodel can often put people due to budgets constraints.

However, if done right, this kind of property upgrade can add loads of value to your property.

Besides the fact that remodeling your washroom most certainly adds to your comfort level and improves the aesthetics of the space, its real benefit lies in the boost in overall property value. In essence, it can increase the resale value of your entire home when you go to sell it.

If you’re staying put for the long haul or thinking of selling up, Bathroom renovation can be beneficial for you. Let’s get started with the 3 main reasons why should renovate a bathroom.

1. Upgraded Bathroom Could Increase the Resale Value

If you’re worried about spending too much money on an addition then fret not. According to Marie Leonard, home improvement expert and author of Marie’s Home Improvement Guide, remodeling your bathroom is one of the most profitable home improvement projects you can do.

“As far as getting a return on your investment, the best money is in upgrading or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen,” Leonard said. “All the realtors will tell people that you have the greatest chance of getting your money back on those two.”

Adding a bathroom or significantly remodeling your existing one, allows you to recoup between 80 and 130 percent of your initial investment.

cost of a bathroom remodel


You Need to Create the WOW Factor

Buyers looking at your home want to see something impressive, from granite countertops and walk-in steam showers, to plenty of cabinetry and the 5-star hotel style his-&-her sinks. Money well spent in these areas will be highly visible to potential buyers.

Bathroom upgrade investments are always at the top of the list for anyone looking at purchasing your home. Why? They realize they will spend a lot of time in there and they want it to be as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

It may well be the case that there’s the potential for a home’s value to increase, but it’s also important to keep an eye on the budget. No matter what home improvement project you are tackling, always keep in mind that you ultimately want to maximize your return on investment. But at the same time don’t worry endlessly about the bathroom degradation cost – just stay on track with your finances and you should be ok.

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Learn 3 ways to keep your renovation costs down.

2. Renovated Bathrooms help sell your house faster

Given that the bathroom is one of the most common rooms to remodel, homebuyers will undoubtedly look here first. No wonder this room comes under such intense scrutiny – it’s the place most likely in the house to suffer dodgy remodelling work.

Your bathroom will be as thoroughly picked over as any other room in the house. Prospective buyers are going to check the water pressure, around the toilets, look for mold and damp, inspect the lighting, and watch to see if there’s enough natural sunlight coming in. No stone will be unturned – so make sure you have a “wow” factor before you put it on the market.

If on the other hand, you’re staying in your home, why not create a relaxing haven for yourself. A bathroom may be a necessity, but it’s also a place where you can relax and rejuvenate. Since you’ll be using it every day, make sure it looks and feels as comfortable as your bed.


3. Create an Energy Efficient Home

Going green and becoming more eco-friendly in your home can be as easy or as detailed as you like. It can also save you money on your energy and water bills, not to mention save the planet.

According to the EPA, it’s estimated that if one in ten homes upgraded their bathrooms with energy efficient fixtures, over 70 billion gallons of water and $1.5 Billion worth of energy costs would be saved. That’s a pretty convincing argument to go green.

Here’s how you can create an energy efficient bathroom:

Conserve Water


  • One of the best ways to go green with your bathroom upgrade is to incorporate water saving devices.
  • Some toilets, also known as high-efficiency toilets, use less water than conventional ones.
  • Low-flow showerheads and faucets are other great ways to save water.
  • And of course, using cooler water and taking shorter showers helps too (although perhaps not during the winter months).


WATCH THIS VIDEO: Find out how to make your bathroom energy efficient & save money. 


Using Recycled/Refurbished Materials


  • More and more bathrooms are now using recycled and refurbished materials in an effort to be more eco-friendly.
  • For example, you could use cedar or refurbished woods that are water resistant for your walls and/or floors.
  • Recycled glass makes excellent backdrops for tiles above sinks or in shower and tubs.
  • Paints that contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC) are perfect choices for your walls.
  • Clay that absorbs and avoids mold and mildew build-up is useful anywhere from countertops to floors and walls.
  • Recycled paper that is compressed is a good choice for countertops, too.

No matter if you’re going green or trying to save some green, updating your bathroom with energy efficient faucets, showerheads or lighting will put you on the right path.


When it comes to the bathroom, there are lots of benefits that a renovation offers. Not only do you get to create a more personal touch for this well-used space, but you could also increase the value of your property and save lots of money on energy bills in the process.

Now that’s certainly a compelling reason to get that home improvement project started. So don’t let the cost of a bathroom remodel hold you back.

All the best,

James Mason


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