• When was the last time you had a raving fan as a customer?
  • What would it feel like to start a project with everything selected and
  • negotiated up front before stepping foot on site?
  • How often are you adding testimonies and beautiful photos of your work to your website?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to delegate certain tasks in your daily operations to reduce your workload?
If these are questions you find yourself asking then I’m here to help. With close to 25 years in the construction industry and 15 years’ experience in operating and growing a multi award winning construction company, I can help you lay the foundations to start achieving those results.

Plan details and pricing

for 1 hour weekly coaching calls

800 AUD Per month

(4 sessions per month) with a min of 2 months or 8 sessions

You get FREE copies of all my Templates

(Yes! All of them worth over $400) bundled with the weekly one on one call coaching program.

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It does not matter what the stage of your business you can always do with some external help, someone who will look at what you are doing with a fresh pair of eyes, make some suggestions and hold you accountable for goals and targets. Invest in yourself today and start working on your business rather than in it.

What we would cover in our sessions

  • Business breakdown – Overview of your current situation
  • Walk your Business through the Builders Business Course and establish your current position
  • Discuss roadblocks and obstacles
  • Celebrate wins and successes and work them into the new plan
  • Map out goals and targets, create a vision of what your future business will look like
  • Weekly check in’s to keep you accountable

No matter the size of your organization there is always room to grow and improve on what you are currently doing. You might be a one man band who works all day, quotes at night, visits new prospects on the weekends and catches up on paperwork where you can. Or you may already have a team around you helping with that, but you still find yourself running around putting out fires and wondering why can’t they just do it like I want them to?

Regards, James Mason Founder – Renovation Junkies