Bathroom Renovation Course and Coaching

Bathroom Renovation Course and Coaching


Looking to renovate your bathroom but unsure where to start? Your in the right place. We have designed an online training course with over 25 videos, multiple downloadable templates and training information to help you project manage your very own bathroom renovation. Interested? Click on th button below to learn more.

Here is an outline of what is covered in the course

The course is broken up into 5 stages which are listed in order below.

  • Stages
    • Welcome.

    • Stage-1 Research
    • Stage-2 Planning
    • Stage-3 Pre Construction
    • Stage-4 Construction
    • Stage-5 Project Completion

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Over the last 5 years I ‘ve taken note of to all the questions, comments and emails that I have received and realised that there’s just not enough information out there that explains the entire process on how to go about renovating in a structured and streamlined manner.

We have all seen the TV shows that knock out a bathroom in a week or so (sometimes a few days), but what they fail to show you is all the upfront preparation that needs to take place before you even step foot onto the construction site.

That’s my sole aim here!



In the course you get to see how I renovated this bathroom!

Sure you could probably wing it like your uncle Frank and just start by ripping your bathroom apart. However, we all know where that can lead, i.e. bathroom out of action for months, tradesmen not turning up because they were not vetted correctly, materials such as plumbing fittings not in stock, and the list of horror stories goes on and on.

Even though this all sounds pretty scary – rest assured I’m here to help guide you along the way so that you can have an enjoyable renovation experience.

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Now some people might prefer to pay a builder to manage the entire process. That way they don’t have to get their hands dirty or have the stress that can come with any type of renovation. But you’ll obviously end up paying for this service – often at a premium too.

Most builders will charge a 30% + margin (some more, some less) on all their materials and subcontractors prices. So with an average bathroom renovation of $15,000 you can expect to pay around $4,500 + in profit to a builder.


So why waste money hiring someone when you could do it yourself?

If you follow the easy, step-by-step instructions in the course you’ll not only learn how to map everything out in a structured and streamlined way – but you could potentially save yourself thousands of dollars! You could put that cash towards a top of the range bathtub or walk in shower instead!

What’s Included In The Online Course?

  • 25 training videos walking you through the 5 essential stages of a bathroom renovation. Over 3 hours of detailed training.
  • 7 templates created by a professional builder to help organize your renovation project. These normally sell for $15 each.
  • Downloadable PDF’s of course notes and links to helpful information and resources.
  • Your own unique login & password to access the course content wherever you are, whenever you want.
  • 30 day money guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll refund every penny back to you, no questions asked! Although I think you will be – I poured my soul into this course ☺.
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share stories, tips, contractors contacts, recommended suppliers and anything else renovation related.
[img_text_aside style=”2″ image=”” image_alignment=”right” headline=”Meet%20The%20Course%20Instructor” alignment=”left”]I’m James Mason, a 40 something professional builder who loves to help people. If you’ve come to the Renovation Junkies site to find out tips and tricks on how to renovate you’re in the right place! When I’m not adding content to this site I’m usually hanging out with my beautiful wife Alison and two daughters Alana and Eden. We live in the coffee drinking capital of Sydney’s Inner West, Annandale. My two passions are my family and building, so that is probably why our house is under constant renovation!
“I found the course extremely comprehensive, the videos are great and really sets you straight on the sort of planning that is involved with a renovation project.” – Matt Van Gasselt
“This course is perfect for anyone who has no prior DIY knowledge and is not looking to pick up any tools themselves. It literally shows you how to manage everything while still leaving the actual hands on work to the professionals. I really enjoyed learning all the great tips from James too. He knows his stuff!” – Nikoletta S

What Will I Learn In This Course?

Full Course Contents

Here’s a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive bathroom renovation training course.

  • Module 1: Video 1 – Finding Inspiration
  • Module 2: Video 1 – Introduction to Plans
  • Module 2: Video 2 – Plan Drafting (Hiring a Professional)
  • Module 2: Video 3 – Plan Drafting (Using Software)
  • Module 2: Video 4 – Plan Drafting (Sketching by Hand)
  • Module 3: Video 1 – Getting Organised with a Job File Structure
  • Module 4: Video 1 – The Finishes Selections Process
  • Module 5: Video 1 – How to Find Contractors
  • Module 6: Video 1 – Planning Out Your Project Timeline
  • Module 7: Video 1 – Starting Construction & Site Establishment
  • Module 8: Video 1 – Demolition Tips
  • Module 8: Video 2 – Carpentry Tips
  • Module 8: Video 3 – New Services Tips
  • Module 8: Video 4 – Wall Lining Tips
  • Module 8: Video 5 – Waterproofing Tips
  • Module 8: Video 6 – Tiling Tips
  • Module 8: Video 7 – Plumbing/Electrical Fit Off Tips
  • Module 8: Video 8 – Carpentry Fit Off Tips
  • Module 8: Video 9 – Painting Tips
  • Module 8: Video 10 – Glass/Screens Tips
  • Module 8: Video 11 – Joinery Tips
  • Module 9: Video 1 – Final Words of Advice

Who Is This Course For?

This Course Is For…

  • Anyone who would like to save money by managing their own renovation project.
  • Anyone willing to learn the skill of Project Management.
  • Anyone who is a fist time renovator, or serial renovator (I promise you’ll learn something new!).
  • Contractors, tradespeople and even builders who would like to learn a more streamlined way of managing their own projects.

This Course Is Not For…

  • Someone wanting a trade qualification – we’re not teaching you how to be hands on with tools (that’s what the licensed pro’s are for). We’re teaching you how to project manage and bring it all together.
  • Your uncle Frank, animals, aliens or any other non-human creatures ☺. Seriously this course is for ANYONE!

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I look forward to seeing you in the course!

James Mason

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