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Completing Bathroom Renovation: Warranties and post construction advice

You’ve gone through a complete bathroom renovation project! Be it as a builder or an owner, Congratulations – you did it!

But before you race off onto another home improvement project, we need to finish some bits and pieces – Post renovation process.

In this last step (Stage 5: Project Completion) I sum up some final thoughts & things to consider before signing off.

Completing Bathroom Renovation: Final Tips & Advice

There are a couple of things to consider upon completing your project, and they are – warranties and defects.

1) Warranties

With your warranties, I advise you to scan (if you don’t already have a digital version) and save all copies of warranties for items that you purchase into your job folder in a separate warranties tab.

By doing this, if you have a faulty tap, toilet or a problem with anything else in your bathroom you can easily locate the paperwork without having to go digging through draws to find lose paper.

If you can find all your warranties in one place there shouldn’t be any problem to get the repair work carried out 6-12 months down the track.

complete bathroom remodel

2) Defects

With defects, I like to have a 3 month defects liability period for all my contractors.

If you want to set something like this up I recommend doing it in the initial stages when signing contracts with them.

The way a defects period works, is by holding an agreed amount from the contractors’ price (i.e. 10%) for a set period of time after they have completed the works (i.e. 3 months).

When the 3 months defects liability period is up you’ll then have two options:

  1. Get them back for any repairs and final maintenance work that may be required and then release the balance to them.
  2. Release the balance if no defects have shown up during that period of time.


Generally, retention of money would usually only be held on larger projects and you may find that a lot of smaller contractors may not be receptive to the process.

It’s entirely up to you guys if you chose to go with a method like this. If you do, it’s just an extra safeguard to have in place if there are defects and a contractor fails to return. Then at least you will have some money towards paying another contractor to come and rectify any defects.

complete bathroom renovation project


Last, of all, I suggest sitting back with a cold drink and taking in the amazing project you’ve just created. You’ve done it – a complete renovation from start to finish.

If you got through this process successfully you’re ready to take on that next project!

How’s your kitchen looking?  😉

BTW – Don’t forget to share your experiences with the rest of the Renovation Junkies community, we would love to see how you went.


If you have any questions let me know – I’m always happy to help!

All the best,

James Mason




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