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Bathroom Renovation Carpentry Guide for owners and builders

Here I outline some handy carpentry tips and advice to cover both structural elements and final fit offs.

Carpentry Guide for a Bathroom Renovation


The carpentry stage in a bathroom renovation will usually come before the installation of services. For example, if a partition wall is required to be built that will have new services running through it.

Some bathrooms may be a simple strip out and re-installation of services, so your carpentry tasks will probably only be minor. While other bathrooms can be more complex and require the skills of a carpenter in more stages throughout your renovation.


1. What Jobs Will a Carpenter Do?

Some of the tasks that a carpenter can undertake on a bathroom renovation are as follows, but not limited to:

  • The actual demolition of your existing bathroom.
  • Installation of partition walls or new wall framing.
  • Relocation of doorways and window.
  • Subfloor replacement of concrete or new fibros cement sheeting.
  • Replacement of rotten or damaged timbers.
  • New structural elements (if required).
  • New window and door installations.
  • Blocking out (framing) for toilet roll holders and other wall fixtures.
  • Installation of new cabinetry.
  • Fittings such as towel rails, mirrors etc.


So you can see from the above that a carpenter can play a pretty big part in your bathroom renovation.

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2. Where Will Your Fixtures Go?

One major tip to consider if you have timber framed walls when renovating your bathroom, is the location of any fixtures that need to be mounted i.e. towel rails, toilet roll holders ect.

If you can mark the locations of these on plan then a carpenter can install timber blocking between the studs so that solid fixing can be achieved. We have all seen the results of poor fixings into a hollow wall.

Once your carpenter has done his part in the early stages they’ll usually be back at the fit off stage.

3. Discuss Plans With Your Carpenter

Its important to run through the plans and put a scope together with your carpenter at the initial quoting stages. That way you can make sure that everything you would like them to do is covered in there quote.


Carpentry Fit Off

This is the stage of the project where your carpenter will come back and fit off items such as:

  • Towel rails.
  • Toilet roll holders.
  • Vanity cabinets.
  • Install doors.
  • Door locks and door furniture.
  • Window locks.
  • Robe hooks.
  • Mirrors shaving cabinets.
  • And much more depending on your scope.


If you are handy on a hammer drill you may be able to save yourself a few dollars by installing some of your own fittings.

Just be aware that it can be quite easy to scratch or chip a tile if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Here are a few videos covering some more carpentry tips that may help if you want to have a crack yourself.

1. How to Drill Through Ceramic Tiles Without Scratching Them


2. How to Install a Hotwire Heated Towel Rack


Now if you have a door that needs replacing and you are feeling adventurous you may also want to try and install one yourself. But I will advise that this is one of the trickiest things to master as a carpenter, and you’ll require a few specialist tools for the job.

That said if you would like to try your hand at it here is another full tutorial on how to go about it.

3. How To Install An Internal Door (Plus Lock) – Complete Beginners Guide


So that about covers it for my carpentry tips. Now it’s time to bring in your plumber and electrician for Stage 4: Construction – the installation of New Bathroom Services.


To recap, the 5 Stage Renovation Process will guide you through the exact steps I use as a professional builder when working on home improvement projects.

If you have any questions let me know – I’m always happy to help!

Enjoy your renovation.

All the best,

James Mason
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